Hanna Timmers


Hanna Timmers graduated in 2010 as a theatre teacher from De Theaterschool (Academy of Theatre and Dance) in Amsterdam. Since then she has worked as a teacher and maker with MAAS Theater and Dance, Toneelgroep Amsterdam and Het Jeugdtheaterhuis. Since 2012, Hanna has been affiliated to Theater Na de Dam. First as a maker of the first youth projects and then as a member of the content programming team. Hanna’s work is always ‘in context’ and often in the public space. Her productions connect local (invisible) stories and history to the complex times in which we live now. 

In recent years, Hanna has focused principally on making theatre within a social-artistic context. At Het Nationale Theater (The National Theatre) in The Hague, she has artistic responsibility for Urban Stories, for which in 2017 – together with makers Martijn Klink, Els van der Jagt and Khadija Massaoudi – she created a series of productions in houses of prayer under the title Eerst zien dan geloven'. In the spring of 2018, together with Thabi Mooi, she made ‘Wij Zijn Nederland’ in The Hague – a series of productions for all groups in primary education. 

At the end of 2017, Hanna carried out research for Frascati in the Lodewijk van Deysselbuurt neighbourhood in Amsterdam’s Nieuw-West district. Accompanied by Rochdale staffer Faisal, she criss-crossed the neighbourhood and created a short solo on the basis of her experiences, which she then presented during De (on)vertelde Stad (Stadslab #1, route a). Elaborating on this research, together with designer Luca van Slagmaat, in the 2018/2019 season she created four episodes of the theatrical radio show ‘Radio van Deyssel’, bringing together stories from the neighbourhood in unexpected meetings.